Thursday, October 2, 2008

iAntiVirus 1.1 is coming!

iAntiVirus v1.1 is currently undergoing internal testing.

Some changes in v1.1:

- New scheduled scan type - allows you to specify a scheduled normal or quick scan.

- Updated scan engine which should improve scan speed (it was already fast! :)) and resolves an issue reported on the forum.

- New database with updated signatures and new signatures for 3 exploits .

- Scan progress now displays more information about child objects being scanned (e.g in v1.0 status might say "Scanning /Users/pctools/Downloads/" for a long time, in v1.1 it will be displayed as "Scanning /Users/pctools/Downloads/ for every filename in the archive)".

- Scan complete alert - if you've kept the dock icon hidden, a slideup will alert you once a scan has completed (if the dock icon is visible then it will simply bounce, as previously).

We'll make an announcement here once v1.1 has been confirmed ok by our QA team, so please check back shortly!