Sunday, April 27, 2008

Zero Day Exploit: Safari Address Bar URL Spoofing

There is a zero day threat to all Safari users both in Windows and Mac, where a remote attacker can hide the actual URL address of the web page in the browser location bar. Let's see how this works ...

Since URL and web page spoofing is very common to phishing, I created this sample email with crafted URL on it.

I clicked the link and here's what I got in Safari 3.1 for Windows.

Here's the screenshot in Mac.

So, what happened here?

A security flaw was found in Safari, when you input a URL containing a special characters followed by "@" which indicates the actual hostname. The special characters was crafted long enough to hide the URL of the page.

As most of Safari users experience the spinning wheel of death, it is evident that there are multiple vulnerabilities that lies within this application.

Is there available security patch/fix ? None, at the moment. So, please refrain from clicking or browsing untrusted websites.

Juan Pablo Lopez Yacubian has recently discovered this vulnerability.