Tuesday, March 18, 2008

iAntivirus Protects Your Mac

PC Tools will soon release iAntivirus security software for Mac users. The product displays a Mac-like simplicity and elegance, yet with powerful features that catches and removes known malwares in real-time.

Internet Downloads

A good example here is Trojan DNSChanger. This threat has been in the internet for more than four months now and it's continually eluding security analyst by changing its domain names, IP addresses and ways in delivering this trojan to mac users.

iAntivirus on-guard catches this threat in real time.

Files Through Messengers

Let say someone you know or close to you sent you a file through messenger. Without your knowledge, the file is a Backdoor server component which the sender wishes you to install so that the client component which is on the attacker side could perform unauthorized task to your machine. Here's the impressive real time catch of iAntivirus.

Files In Your USB Flash Drive

In our daily computing activities, USB flash or portable drives plays important role in storing, exchanging and transferring files. You often get out of control when too much files are stored and worst if one day you are dragging malicious files to your local hard drive.

Running Process

Perhaps, a keylogger running in background.

Are you excited to have a copy of this?

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