Monday, February 25, 2008

Your MSN Account Has Been 0WN3D

"Social Engineering is a technique used to manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information by gaining trust. It attempts to gain access to sensitive data such as password, login names and worst - credit card numbers. This method is very easy and high success rate - No wonder it is very popular and often used by hackers."

Do you want to know who's blocking you in MSN? can figure out for you! Just visit the site, enter your MSN account and password, then you will get the list.

It certainly looks and sounds real, BUT IT'S NOT!

This site is a scam luring MSN users to provide their login credentials, then after that, it will take control over their account.

Once the user entered his/her login credentials, a message box will be displayed claiming that "..users' privacy is 100% guaranteed". However, users' email address and password are sent over the network in clear text form. So, where's the privacy here?

The disclaimer also mentioned that "we do not save your password..." but once you logged in to your MSN messenger account, you'll find some changes to your display name and personal messages.

Even if you tried to fix this changes, it will keep on returning everytime you sign-in. This is absolutely annoying! Not only that, your friends will see this embarrassing changes as shown in the screenshot below.

If this can happen to your messenger, what more to your email account? Obviously, your MSN account has been 0WN3D. Beware of this trick!