Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day From Storm Worm

Storm Worm has been waiting for this day. It's been spamming about Valentine's Day since early January with email subjects "Falling In Love with You", "Heavenly Love", "Sent with Love", "You're the One", "Our Love Will Last", "A Toast My Love", "Our Love is Strong" and "Your Love Has Opened" .

The email content will always have a url link that points to a malicious website that displays a red heart.
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However this week, Storm Worm delivers eight different images for this awaited occasion.

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A vulnerable user clicking an IP-based website from the spammed email will certainly experience Storm Valentine's Day greetings with a downloading executable "valentine.exe". This executable is a high risk mass-mailing worm currently affecting Windows platform.

This threat does not affect Mac OS X users but definitely a piece of junk that will stay in the download folder.

Stay safe online!